Our Story

Our story is pretty simple when you put our life into perspective with how God has been using people since the beginning of time. Six years ago both Melissa’s and my story became one and the same. At the beginning we were both absolutely clueless of the path that God would eventually ask us to walk down. But just as God has done so many other times with countless other men and women, what He did with Abraham, Samuel, Esther, Mary, Peter, Paul, John, and is still doing among people today, He did with us. He opened our eyes!

What we saw was our place in God’s vast plan to usher in the kingdom of Heaven on this earth. God has been patiently working in our lives using everyday circumstances to draw us to His side and waiting for us to adjust our lives to Him. So here we are, walking with Jesus and adjusting our life to His and trying not to reverse the order by pleading with Jesus to adjust His plans to ours. Right now His plan for us will take us to Niger Africa. There is a people-group that lives in Niger called the Western Fulani and they are the largest unreached nomadic people-group in the world. God has spoken to us and told us He is already working in the hearts of the Fulani and revealing to them the truth about Jesus. And has invited us to join Him! We are so excited and humbled to join God in the historic fulfillment of His global mission. Together, Melissa and I have learned that it is impossible to be in a relationship with Jesus and not be on mission. Just as Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” (Jn 20:21). As we follow God to Africa our prayer is that God would continue to give us His passion so we will have a clearer vision of His mission, resulting in His story becoming our story.

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